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Speed Control Board
Speed Control Board

DC motor speed control board is a SCR trigger circuit voltage regulation of DC
motor speed control device, the speed control board has a low price, mature
and reliable technology, speed and high precision, flexible interface and
e t c  .It  can be extensively used for paper, rubber, food, printing, metallurgy
etc. needing  to speed adjust mechanical equipment. The product enables DC motors to achieve step less speed and the circuit with a voltage negative feedback, overcurrent protection and soft start configuration .It  is the ideal product of the DC motor speed control.
Main features
1, with the displacment controller to achieve step less speed adjust
2, with infrared photoelectric switch remote control
3, the introduction of negative voltage feedback technology to make speed more smoothly
4, with overcurrent protection devices, more reliable performance.
5, with a soft start device to eliminate the motor starting current is too large
Small power DC speed control board
Technical Parameters

Model SCR08G(200A) SCR08(200B) TSCG-400(400A) TSCW-400(400B)
Working Voltage AC220V±10% AC220V±10% AC220V±10% AC220V±10%
Max. Current 4A 4A 5A 5A
Armature Voltage DC0-220V DC0-220V DC0-220V DC0-220V
exciting voltage DC200V/1A DC200V/1A DC200V/1A DC200V/1A
Control Mode displacement,
Connection Type terminal terminal terminal terminal
Adapter motor 50W-300W 50W-300W 50W-400W 50W-400W

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